My Photos

To view any of the photos, please click on this link. It will re-direct you away from this site to Photobucket (a free site where photos can be stored, viewed and shared). There are also a number of photo albums here too (or planned at the time of writing). Links to each album will be provided too.

EFKS Ranui Photobucket homepage:

Rev. I. Mulu's Malua Trip 2008

EFKS Youth Bowling trip.

EFKS Sandringham on their minister's retirement.

EFKS Ranui White Sunday 2008.

EFKS Ranui Xmas 2008

EFKS Ranui Kilikiti 2008

EFKS Ranui Choir

EFKS Ranui Beach Trip

Rev. I. Mulu's Malue Trip May 2009

EFKS Ranui White Sunday 2009.

Rev. I. Mulu's Malua Trip 2010

EFKS Ranui White Sunday 2010

EFKS Ranui Kilikiti 2010 

EFKS Ranui Beach trip 2011

EFKS Ranui Kilikiti 2011

EFKS 50th Celebrations